Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Tennessee Set to Redetermine TennCare Eligibility

What You Need to Know About TennCare Redetermination Process  

Women busy with paperworkBy Tim Redd and Allison Donald
The TennCare Redetermination Process is tedious to say the least. The packet comes in two formats. The standard packet is 98 pages long and if you assert a disability you will fill out a total of 119 pages.

Several challenges have been revealed in the wake of this process like the extensive questioning.  Also the packets are not being mailed to the right address and each packet includes an individualized bar-code, so every page is related to an individual recipient. Explaining and communicating with diverse populations and some people are prevented from reapplying. Failure to complete the process in a timely fashion will leave many TennCare recipients with no health insurance.

The most important thing you need to do is call the Tennessee Health Connection 1-855-259-0701 to verify your address and inquire if you are scheduled to receive a redetermination packet. You have 90 days to submit your completed form. If you receive any mail that requires you to send in more information you have 10 days to respond.

The catch is, you really only have only 50 days to return the redetermination packet, which is based on the day the packet is mailed out. Please keep a copy of the information you receive.  You may produce a paper trail so nothing is lost by sending a fax to the Tennessee Health Connection is 1-855-315-0669.

“The most vital part of this entire equation,” said Michael Heinrich a volunteer with the Tennessee Health Care Campaign, “is to make sure your correct address is on file with the state of Tennessee, and ask if you are supposed to receive a redetermination packet.”

You should be able to get help with your packet from the Department of Health and Human Services and Tennessee Health Connection. Enrollees do not have a case worker that will fill out the redetermination packet, you must call the Department of Health and Human Services (901) 320-7200 to get assistance.