Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Parent Summit

MCIL focus on Transportation

By Allison Donald
Alison Donald
The Parent Summit and Transition Fair that was held on October 22, 2016 at the Colonial Middle School. The Fair is a one stop shop for information and resources for parents of children and young adults with disabilities that caters to parents who are looking for post-secondary education options.   

There are many choices for parents in areas ranging from education and employment to educating themselves and their children on the different modes of transportation.  Parents have the opportunity to speak with as many vendors as they like about their respective programs and how the programs can assist their child or young adult.  

“I am very pleased that our visitors, community members and vendors are willing to connect parents and guardians with resources and services today,” said Celia Moore, the Director of Shelby County Schools Exceptional Children and Health Services. “I’m grateful to each of you and thank you for your support and for your participation.”

During the breakout sessions which last no more than thirty minutes the vendors present on a particular subject that pertains to the transition of young people and their parents from a school setting to community living.

The Memphis Center for Independent Living breakout session for this year’s summit was centered on transportation options for people with disabilities in Memphis.  Our presentation was primarily focused on letting the parents know that transportation is a vital part of independence for people with disabilities.  

Also, Christina Clift and I wanted to introduce these parents to other modes of transportation aside from them transporting their child everywhere they needed to go.   The most important piece of information I think we wanted to leave them with is independence is a process that can start by teaching your child how to travel independently.