Thursday, December 15, 2016

Memphis needs the Crosstown 31

Bring It Back! Historic bus route is the backbone of Memphis transit

Allison Donald
By Allison Donald
Memphis Bus Riders’ Union (MBRU) has vowed to keep the pressure on MATA and fight to restore the Crosstown 31 bus route. The effort to bring back the 31 rolls on and MBRU is asking for everyone in Memphis to help.

Prior to the elimination of the Crosstown 31, it was Memphis’ third highest used bus route, with an average of 2,600 riders daily.  The route was just behind the Route 43 Elvis Presley bus, which funneled 2,700 riders between the heart of the city and South Memphis.

This month’s MBRU meeting focused on continuing the conversation with city officials and the MATA administration. MBRU is asking them to act now and give them back the Crosstown 31. The bus route serves many poor, people of color, and people with disabilities in Memphis. 

MBRU continues to push for more signatures on Bring Back the 31 Petition with a community luncheon on January 14, 2017 to be held at the Cossitt Library from 12-2pm.  You are invited to come out and let the city leaders know how much the Crosstown 31 bus route is still needed in our community. 

Tuesday January 17th MBRU members will be attending the budgetary committee meeting which starts at 8:AM and the city council meeting starts that day at 3:30.  During the meeting MBRU members will present the petition in support of the 31.  If you can attend either meeting it would be greatly appreciated.  

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