Tuesday, December 6, 2016

General Help with MATAplus

How to file an effective complaint with MATAplus

MATA bus operator
By Timothy Redd and Bobbie Fields
Day in and out the phones constantly ring with people seeking transportation options.  MATAplus is not perfect, but it does not mean you should be silent. You can help MATAplus improve and work for other riders if you make suggestions and complaints about your experience on the bus.

This week MCIL wants to make sure you are able to exercise self-advocacy in transportation. If you find yourself with a grievance or suggestion for our partner MATAplus, we want you to review what will make an effective complaint. The information provided can be found in the MATAplus Rider’s Guide.  

If you have a suggestion, comment or a complaint use the following steps.
  1. Call a Customer Service Specialist at 522-9175.
  2. If you wish you can write: MATAplus 1370 Levee Road Memphis, TN 38108
  3. Provide specific details to help MATA thoroughly address your suggestions, complaints or comments. Please remember to include the following information if you can when calling or writing:
    • Your name, address, email and telephone number.
    • Location, date and time of experience.
    • Vehicle number and driver's name or badge number.
    • Reservation or service agent's name.
    • Explanation of incident, suggestion, or comment.
    • If at all possible report the concern or complaint the same day that it occurred while it is fresh on your mind.
  4. Complaints received by the Information Center Supervisor should be logged and numbered. MATA says the complaints will be processed and forwarded to the appropriate authorities for investigation.
  5. Keep a copy of your complaint so you may know if it was fully addressed by MATA or if they responded to the appropriate issue.
  6. MATA Customers should always ask for a complaint number. Write the complaint number down to track your complaint.
  7. For specific paratransit customer support services, you may contact either: Glenda Wade at 901-722-7196 or LaBarbara Houston at 901-722-7138
  8. You can also e-mail MATA at: mpluscertification@matatransit.com
  9. Tell MCIL about your experience. Let us know good or bad how the suggestions to MATA go. It may help other riders and people with disabilities to know that they are not the only people having trouble. You may leave a comment on our Blog.