Tuesday, April 19, 2016

MATAplus Rider’s Guide Problems

The Guide Confusing about fares and Service Area

Bobbie FieldsBy Bobbie Fields
The rider’s guide states that there is a fee to ride MATAplus but does not state the cost of each trip or the cost for any of the fare saving plans.

The cost for each trip is $3.50 each way, as long as you are traveling within the zone area where a fixed-route bus goes. There are additional fees for traveling outside the zone area that range from $5.50 all the way to $10.50, one way, to parts of Collierville, Germantown, Frasier, Westwood and Raleigh.

There are some programs that may save you a few dollars like the 21-RIDE MATAPLUS PASS. There is also a senior and disabled discount fare for riding the fixed route if you are certified to ride MATAplus. Seniors have an additional discount fare.

MATA website on MATAplus fares: http://www.matatransit.com/services/mataplus/fares/

MATA bus operator
The riders guide does not mention anything about the off peak hours schedule and how service to the zones. Some buses only run at peak times to the furthest zones, or in only one direction at times. It is not clear in the rider's guide how MATAplus serves these areas. The guide needs to explain how to schedule your ride in order to better manage your pick-up times.

There are a few more things wrong with the guide but it can wait. These are the things I am asked about the most.

The MATAplus Rider's Guide is published on the MCIL website: https://sites.google.com/site/mcilaction/mpridersguide