Wednesday, October 28, 2015

MCIL Work plan 2015 - 2016 Systems Change Activities


Issue: lack of affordable, accessible, integrated housing

Annual objective: Increase knowledge of and access to affordable, accessible, integrated housing.

Planned Activities:

  • Continue providing home modifications as funding permits and develop materials for alternative resources to make accessible home modifications.
  • Increase accessible housing by creating or making changes to local policies and ordinances.
  • Collaborate with funders and other partners to create and maintain a clearinghouse for current accessible housing information and referral and other issues.
  • Educate consumers on fair housing rights with a workshop.
  • Explore federal housing vouchers for people transiting from Nursing Facilities.


Issue: need for reliable, affordable, accessible transportation

Annual objective: Increase awareness of accessible transportation options.

Planned activities:

  • Increase attendance, activities and support for BRU. 
  • Monitor, respond and collaborate with groups and other organizations working to increase availability of all forms of transportation.
  • Implement a tracking tool and methods for collecting information on indicators effectiveness
  • Advocate for an increase in the state budget for additional transportation.


Issue: lack of adequate healthcare

Annual objective –Assist people with disabilities in Shelby county or surrounding areas to obtain or maintain healthcare and needed services for community living

Planned Activities:

  • Collaborate, monitor, network and support efforts of THCC to expand Medicaid coverage in Tennessee
  • Monitor and respond to any issues arising from attempts to sign up for Affordable Health Care for individuals with disabilities
  • Monitor and advocate with State and Federal legislators to maintain and expand long term care and home and community based services
  • Collaborate, monitor and advocate with Tenncare, MCOs and other related agencies to ensure that all allowed services are provided
  • Outreach to nursing homes and assisted living facilities in Shelby and Tipton counties
  • Provide peer mentors to individuals transitioning from nursing homes as requested to assist with maintaining successful community integration

Assistive Technology

Issue- lack of knowledge and access

Annual Objective: Increase the use of appropriate affordable AT by people with disabilities

Planned Activities:

  • Create and produce a model and guide for use of selected AT in the community.
  • Collaborate with other agencies and organizations for people with disabilities to remain knowledgeable of current AT that will provide for successful independence.
  • Provide workshops on specific mobile devices and how they may be accessible and effective to people with disabilities.
  • Train Peer Mentors as Technical Mentors in appropriate affordable AT.
  • Allow use of the MCIL computer lab.

Other – Barriers to full integration

Issue: Community Access barriers

Annual objective - Educate, advocate and participate in groups supporting a more accessible and livable community 

Planned Activities:

  • Work with community partners to create a Memphis ADA plan.
  • Educate consumers, business owners and community partners in access requirements, regulations and laws.
  • Find, document and respond to problems related to public access.
  • Identify and educate potential consumers in Tipton County and underserved areas of Shelby County about ways to facilitate a more accessible, inclusive community.
  • Monitor, ensure and promote access to ballots, polling sites and the election process.

Other – Barriers to full integration

Issue: Attitudinal Barriers

Annual objective; Expand disability awareness and decrease attitudinal barriers and societal stigma

Planned activities:

  • Work with community partners to create at least 1 annual citywide summit or conference related to an identified issue or barrier to independence.
  • Expand disability awareness through group community activities.
  • Use language and etiquette awareness presentations.
  • Find and expose attitudinal barriers in at least one instance.

Other – Barriers to full integration

Issue: Increase Socialization and decrease isolation

Annual objective; Increase opportunities for education, socialization and community inclusion

Planned activities:

  • Identify gaps in youth transitioning and collaborate to identify potential solutions.
  • Collect stories of consumers who have successfully transitioned.
  • MCIL staff, board and volunteers involvement in community activities, governing boards, advisory committees and local government to ensure equal participation of people with disabilities.
  • Through outreach and networking maintain and update appropriate referral resources, expanding to include Tipton county
Text Graphic: The Memphis Center for Independent Living