Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Court stops DOL Companionship Rule

ADAPT hopes Labor will work for comprehensive rule

ADAPT marches in Harrisburg PA
ADAPT applauds today s ruling which voided the Department of Labor's Companionship Rule.  This decision ensures that people with disabilities will not lose their attendants due to an unfunded mandate.  

The Department of Labor (DOL) developed this rule without adequate involvement of the Disability Community which was concerned that without additional Medicaid funding, attendants would lose income that is vital to their lives and individuals with disabilities would be forced into institutions.  Instead of addressing these serious concerns, DOL implemented the rule over our objections  and even refused to extend the effective date to give states sufficient time to fund these changes in their Medicaid programs.  

Although the Department of Labor could appeal this ruling, ADAPT hopes they will use this opportunity to develop an approach that addresses our concerns and the serious unintended consequences for attendants and attendant service users.  ADAPT stands ready to work with organized labor and worker groups to fight for improvements in attendant wages and benefits in a manner that doesn't sacrifice the rights and freedom of people with disabilities.