Monday, January 12, 2015

ADAPT gets Nurses Commitment on Delegation

ANA signs agreement on support of Delegation and Assignment for Community Living

ADAPT storms ANA office
Last spring, ADAPT went to the headquarters of the American Nurses Association (ANA) to demand that they publicly support nurse delegation and assignment of health related tasks to attendants.  This is needed to fully implement the Community First Choice Option and FREE OUR PEOPLE!

Here's the link to Tim Wheat's ADAPT Action Report:

When the ANA wouldn't negotiate with ADAPT, we refused to move and eventually took the street in front of the offices where about 40 ADAPTers, including one of the documentary film-makers, were arrested by the Silver Springs police.

Those arrests were the beginning - not the end - of the story.  Beginning with connections ADAPT of Texas had forged with their state nurse association, discussions with the ANA continued behind the scenes.  ADAPT is happy to announce that the ANA has released a position statement titled "Support for Nurse Delegation to Ensure the Right of People with Disabilities to Live in the Community".

You can see the statement at this link:

We know that many people need assistance with health related tasks in order to live in the community.  In states where we need nurse delegation or assignment so attendants can do these tasks, this position statement can be used to help persuade you state nurses association and legislature to make the needed changes.

ADAPTers braved some extreme conditions to get this statement.  With its release, these activists pass the torch to YOU.  Take this statement and use it to get the changes needed at the state level to allow nurse delegation/assignment and FREE OUR PEOPLE!

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