Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Health Care Update

Back to Regular Order

By Allison Donald
The healthcare bill is dead, but that does not mean that the fight for our liberties as Tennesseans with disabilities is over. Last night the Senate voted 49 to 51 to kill the bill that would have cost twenty-two million Americans their healthcare coverage. This has been a contentious debate with people on both sides of the issue volunteering their time, some putting their bodies on the line, and spending time behind bars. As we move forward and the realization that Obamacare is now the law of the land again where do we go from here?

It is time that the lawmakers get back to business and work in a bipartisan manner to fix the real issues of the healthcare marketplace. This country needs to provide supports and services to individuals who need them without undercutting other programs.

“We are not celebrating,” said Senator Chuck Schumer (NY). “We are relieved that millions and millions of people who would have been so drastically hurt by the three proposals put forward would at least retain their healthcare and be able to deal with pre-existing conditions, deal with nursing homes, and opioids that Medicaid paid for we are relieved, but not for ourselves, but for the American people.”

In Tennessee we do not have long to celebrate because both Senators Lamar Alexander and Bob Corker voted in favor of the repeal of Obamacare. Mid-South ADAPT will continue to work alongside other organizations to fight for healthcare justice for Tennesseans. There are thousands of Tennesseans who wake up every without health insurance. There is also a growing problem hospital closings that threaten to put further strain on an already stressed system of healthcare in our state. We also are working to untangle the mess of redetermination that is putting the citizens of Tennessee health coverage at risk.

Mid-South ADAPT continues to educate our community about the Disability Integration Act (HR 2472 and S 910), which makes it a mandate that people with disabilities receive services in their home and community. Mid-South ADAPT will work towards total integration in the community by supporting legislation like T.I.M.E. (Transitioning into Meaningful Employment) (HR 1377) which promotes equal opportunities for people with disabilities. Soon Resistance Summer will come to an end, but that doesn’t mean the work to Free Our People will stop. So for now during this brief intermission I want to say thank you to Senators Susan Collins of Maine, John McCain of Arizona, and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska for choosing to vote the will of the people over party.


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