Tuesday, January 17, 2017

January STAC Meeting Report

STAC Goals for 2017

Savanah Morris with Mayor Strickland
By Allison Donald and Bobbie Fields
The January meeting of the Specialized Transportation Advisory Committee began with the introduction of new officers. Allison Donald, of the Memphis Center for Independent Living was elected Chairperson, June Mangum, chosen as Co-chair, and Savannah Morris, was voted in as Secretary.  LaBarbra Houston and Glenda Wade of MATA also attended the meeting with STAC members Rexcey Bowers, Russell Jones, Bobbie Fields, Christina Clift, and William Bass.

STAC is outlining its goals for this year and will continue to discuss goals at the February meeting. The first thing that STAC hopes to accomplish is a sit down meeting with the General Manager of MATA Ron Garrison.  STAC also has asked that a person with a disability serve on the MATA Board of Directors and the committee is going to educate riders about alternate modes of transportation. 

STAC wants to partner with MATAplus to include conditional eligibility in the recertification process.  Additionally, STAC and MATAplus this year will reintroduce its riders to the travel-training program. MATA offers travel training for people with disabilities to learn to use the fixed-route buses.

STAC is also looking for new members.  To be a STAC member you must be a MATAplus rider.  If you are interested in becoming a member please contact Ms. Bobbie Fields at bobbie@mcil.org. If you would like to attend a STAC meeting your next opportunity will be February 3rd at 2:00 pm at CafĂ© Eclectic.

MATAplus Operator