Wednesday, November 2, 2016

The Accessible Memphis I Want in My Future

The MCIL Essay Contest winning entry.


Mayor Strickland with Savannah Morris
By Savannah Morris
If there is ever going to be a place for people with disabilities in Memphis Tennessee, Memphis has to think more than one way. Right now it’s only thinking able body. Memphis has to include all people, all races, because it will never be a city without people with disabilities, no state will, because babies are being born everyday with a disability.

So when it comes to having the city accessible, Memphis has to think out of the box. Memphis has to be ready for the unexpected. What I mean by this is:

  1. Have an architect to do a blueprint for accessible housing for the future.
  2. Go to other cities or states to see how they keep their transportation up and running and don’t be afraid to spend money for something that will benefit people with disabilities in the present and future.
  3. Get helpful hints from people with disabilities.

Memphis has come a long way, but falling behind when it comes to people with disabilities and the accessibility that will help them be more independent. Let’s make this a better Memphis by working together with one another. Everyone has a dream, let’s make the dream come true for people with disabilities.

Activists protest the inaccessible Wharton Law Firm