Monday, September 19, 2016

Citizens demand the return of the 31

Crosstown bus route is critical to Memphis

interior of a MATA bus

By Tim Redd
In 2013 MATA eliminated the 31 Crosstown route. The 31 Crosstown had the third highest ridership of all routes in the system, averaging over 2,500 riders a day in 2011. This route was a lifeline for many living in the historic neighborhoods of North and South Memphis, It was a gateway to jobs, health care, grocery stores and high frequency bus accommodation to both downtown and the suburbs. The 31 connected thousands of school children to public schools in historically African American neighborhoods that now currently suffer from economic distress.

Public transit is a civil right, and Memphis citizens demand reasonable public transportation for low income and minority residents to felicitously address racial and economic iniquity in Memphis.

With the development of The Crosstown Concourse there is major job opportunity and other incentives that are now inaccessible to a large demographic. We urge you to support and sign this petition, demanding the City Council, Mayor Strickland and MATA administration allocate funding to reinstate the 31 Crosstown bus route.