Thursday, June 16, 2016

Accessible Bus Stops?

Please make plans to attend the Memphis Planning Office Bus Stop Access and Improvement Meeting

MATA operator and bus
On Wednesday, June 22 at 3:30 PM Municipal and County staff will be at The Memphis Center for Independent Living to hear your ideas about a better more accessible Memphis bus stops.

The Memphis MPO, in partnership with the Memphis Area Transit Authority (MATA), has embarked on a new project that will ultimately lead to improvements in the quality of bus stops in the Greater Memphis Region. A common issue raised by the existing bus riders and heard by the Memphis MPO and MATA has been the current standards of MATA bus stops. Creation of the Guidelines is the first step in the process to ensure that MATA bus stops offer the highest comfort and accessibility for citizens who ride the bus.

This project will:

  1. Study existing bus stops on MATA routes and identify needed improvements to better accommodate needs of citizens.
  2. Develop a manual regarding improvements to existing bus stops. Such improvements could include seating options (incl. accommodation for people with disabilities), signage (including schedules, route information, and maps), lighting, etc.
  3. Develop basic engineering design for different types of bus stops, based on location and usage.
  4. Recommend better placement of bus stops along MATA routes.
  5. Recommend an implementation plan and schedule.

These analyses and recommendations will help MATA improve its existing system as well as better position it for potential future expansion.



JUNE 22, 2016 - 3:30PM – 4:30 PM

1. Welcome and Introductions

2. Overview and Purpose of Bus Stop Design and Accessibility Guidelines – Presentation

3. Guided Discussion

a. How can we make sure the Guide is most useful?

b. Which accessibility design features are most important?

4. Next Steps