Monday, November 3, 2014

Get Covered Memphis!

Open Enrollment begins November 15 

By Tim Wheat
Get Covered Memphis met in the Memphis Mayor’s Conference Room today to plan how to help people in Memphis to get health insurance coverage during the upcoming open enrollment, November 15 through February 15. More than twenty people from local organizations collaborated to make the enrollment period effective.
People sitting around a table in the Mayor's office

Bobbie White of the Mayor’s office welcomed the crowd and challenged each to make the enrollment period a success. Ellen Eubank of Seedco, a national nonprofit organization that advances economic opportunity for people, businesses and communities in need, laid out an ambitious schedule for November and December of Open Enrollment Events around the Memphis area.

“We are getting new dates and locations almost every day,” said Ms. Eubank about the enrollment events. “We are looking for volunteers and we are building a schedule for January and February of next year.”

With the new healthcare law more people will be eligible for coverage and healthcare subsidies. But because Tennessee has chosen not to expand Medicaid, many people still will have no coverage. At each enrollment event there are still a significant number of Tennessee citizens that fall into the gap and will get no healthcare benefit.

Jacob Flowers of Enroll America noted that many places will provide “dropboxes” where people who are interested in enrollment may fill-out a short card to have a enrollment navigator schedule time to assist with the enrollment process and paperwork.

People who have attempted to apply for Medicaid in Tennessee, also called TennCare, should have a determination in 45 days. Anyone that has waited 45 days or longer should immediately contact the Tennessee Justice Center on their website:

The kick-off for the Open Enrollment will be Saturday, November 15, from 9:am to 1:pm at the First Baptist Church 2835 Broad Ave. There will be many events to follow, but plan to be involved as a volunteer or to sign-up for coverage.